Information systems to support core business processes

Croatian Employment Service

Based on the long-term cooperation between the IN2 Group and the Croatian Employment Service (CES), a complex modular and integrated information system has been developed to support the basic business processes of the CES. In functional terms, the system enables various record-keeping processes, document management (requirements, contracts, consents) and cases, mediation process management, budgeting, time management, integration with other systems and institutions (HZMO, NIAS, OIB, EURES) and many others. While in the data context, the system enables the processing of data on unemployed persons and job seekers, employers, vacancies, measures, rights during unemployment and others that are important for quality mediation in the labor market. Digitized e-services of the CES are available on the Internet to employers, employees and other stakeholders through the Labor Exchange portal. In addition to the offer of vacancies, self-candidacies, labor supply, the Exchange also enables the publication of CVs, applications for measures, TTR and other services.

The Croatian Pension Insurance Institute

In the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute, we have implemented the financial modules of the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). Implemented business system (ERP) based on financial modules, has automated business processes related to accounting, and contributed to increasing efficiency and standardizing the existing way of working.

The biggest improvements brought by the new system are the reduction of document circulation due to controls and verifications by introducing authorizations of obligations through the system, automation and centralization of the complex payment process of the Office, as well as automated statement processing. The system is set up so that financial data can be obtained at any time according to all six budget classifications (organizational, economic, locational, programmatic and functional, as well as sources of financing).

The system integrates with other subsystems on a daily basis. Last year, a complex integration with the Treasury was done. And this year, one of the major improvements is enabling the payment of the National Compensation.

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