IN2opus*ERP gets the Croatian Creation label

We are proud that our product IN2Opus*ERP solution received the Croatian Creation label.

The Croatian Creation label is granted to products of the highest quality, produced in the Republic of Croatia, due t Croatian tradition, development-research work, innovation, and invention. The label Croatian Creation is a recognition of both the product and the producer, as well as a guarantee to the consumer that this is a unique product that meets the highest standards of quality throughout the world. Our IN2Opus*ERP solution is a proud bearer of this label.

Libusoft Cicom is becoming a part of IN2 group

As an IT and consulting company that develops and implements solutions for computerization of business processes, Libusoft Cicom is becoming a part of IN2 group. The new acquisition of the IN2 group follows the growth strategy of the group with the aim of expanding the business, acquiring new clients and employees, and further working on their personal and business development.

IN2 group celebrates 30 years ahead of its time

We are celebrating 30 years of teamwork, community, technology, creativity and perseverance, while leading the company to the next stage of growth and creating added value for all our clients and partners, as well as the society as a whole.

MCS Group is becoming a part of IN2 group

MCS Group focuses a large part of its work on development of new knowledge and innovative solutions in the field of creating web-based software solutions in healthcare. IN2 group expands and further strengthens the portfolio of services for users in the healthcare segment.

SVAM plus new IN2 Group member

IN2 Group has become richer by a new software company - SVAM plus, offering highly parameterized ERP system for digitization and integration of business processes. By concluding this acquisition, IN2 Group is expanding and further strengthening their portfolio of services for customers in the corporate segment.

IBIS gets the Croatian Creation label

The Croatian Creation label is worn by high-quality products and services of the Republic of Croatia that were created as a result of research and development work, invention, innovation or a long tradition. Our Integrated Hospital Information System is a proud bearer of the sign.

IN2 is part of the CSI Group

IN2 Group is part of the CSI grupe since 2018 (Constellation Software Inc.). CSI operates in over 100 countries around the world, has 125.000 clients in more than 100 different public and private sector verticals. This year, IN2 received the Golden Basket award in the category Technology Supplier of the Year for innovations that have improved sales, profitability, efficiency and reputation of retail, distributor and manufacturing companies in the FMCG sector.

Pardus taken over by IN2 group

Pardus becomes the 14th member of the Group and by its acquisition IN2 will expand its portfolio of products, services and technology. Pardus is well-known for its software solutions for laboratory management and maintenance and search of DNA profiles used by certain police organisations. It has extensive experience in using the Prolifics software tools, which are united under the name of Panther.

New companies founded

IN2 acquires Actavia from Serbia and renames it IN2dynamics. Besides carrying out a successful acquisition, the IN2 Group also establishes two new member companies: INbet2, specialised for IT solutions for games of chance, and IN2data for solutions in advanced analytics. In the year 2014, IN2 had 22 years of successful business in the ICT market, more than 450 employees in six countries of the region, and 12 interconnected companies.


The year 2013 was, among other things, marked by two international awards IN2 received for its solutions e-Waiting List and e-Referral: European IT & Software Excellence Award in the category of the solution of the year for the public sector, and the global Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in the category Public Sector - Health Care

400 employees

The company marks its twentieth anniversary. The real confirmation of the company's healthy growth, though, is the employment continuity and 400 employees.

Golden kuna

The company receives the Golden Kuna, a particular recognition by the business community in Croatia. That was an additional confirmation of our excellence in business.

Expanding business in healthcare sector

The Health care portfolio expanded in 2011 by the acquisition of LabNet from Osijek, and a solution for the informatisation of medical laboratories. Par-Am, from Zagreb, which supported veterinary surgeries, was acquired at the same time.

New companies established

The company's presence in the region was strengthened further by the establishment of IN2 Skopje and MegalIN2 Orašje as well as an office in Prishtina.

Period of aquisitions

The first company acquired by IN2 was IGEA from Varaždin, introducing IN2 into the field of GIS technologies, while another acquired company, InfoOpus, did the same for the ERP systems. The acquisition of Grad from Pula followed, and moved into the health care sector in 2009.

Expansion into new markets

In 2006 IN2 Group expands into Serbian market with the foundation of IN2 Belgrade. This year is also remembered as the end of organic growth and the point when the company started with the new business development strategy – strengthening its competences by a number of acquisitions.

100 employees and the establishment of INsig2

During this period, the company employs about thirty people every year, mostly young engineers from technical faculties starting their professional careers in IN2, so the end of 2004 saw the IN2 group with a round number of 100 employees. After establishing itself with solutions for the public and financial sectors, the IN2 Group enters the field of information security – it founded INsig2 in 2004, and in the following two years expands in the region: daughter companies are founded in Serbia while the first projects are carried out in Macedonia.

Quality management system

IN2 introduces the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. Products developed at that time were solutions INvest2 and brokerIN2.

Expansion in the region and development of own products

The beginning of the 21st century is the period when the IN2 Group enters the next phase of expansion in the region. First in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it starts doing a business project in Aurum insurance, and by establishing its second daughter company, IN2 Sarajevo. This year marks the company's tenth anniversary. It's also the period when IN2 starts with a more intensive development of products for the financial sector which, together with the public sector, becomes the company's most important business area.

Company expansion

In the following period, from the start of 1995 to the end of the 20th century, IN2 gradually expands the scope of the projects it has been doing and successfully implements a number of IT solutions in the public sector. For instance, that's when the first projects for the Croatian Employment Services and Central Depository & Clearing Company were implemented, when the Integral Maritime Traffic Monitoring System for the Ministry of Transport was implemented, and so on. Our first own solution was developed – INsurance2, and the number of employees exceeds fifty.

First daughter company founded

IN2 starts immediately expanding into the closest neighbourhood by establishing its first daughter company in Slovenia, in the city of Koper. IN2 has focussed on the development and implementation of technologies for the public sector and insurance companies from the very start. Its first years of existence, marked by the war and the extremely difficult economic situation in Croatia, IN2 ended with a great acknowledgment – IT magazine Infotrend chose IN2 as the leading IT company in the country.

CeBIT fair and the move

The company has a successful presence at one of the largest global fairs for new technologies, CeBIT in Hannover in Germany. IN2 moves into new premises at Fallerovo šetalište in Zagreb

First project

The first project was the implementation of the information system at Zagreb Fair, which brought the first financial resources into the company to develop business and employ new people. During the same year, the company has a successful presence at INFO fair, then the largest IT fair in Croatia.

IN2 founded

The history of IN2 Group starts in 1992, with an IT company established by three enthusiasts