For almost 30 years, we have been developing and implementing solutions that support our partners in financial asset management, insurance and banking in dominating the modern financial market. IN2 solutions have been developed following regulatory requirements and using best practice standards while maintaining flexibility, which enables support in various management approaches as well as respect for user specifics.

With its magnitude, years of experience and competencies, IN2 provides all the necessary resources for the analysis of business processes and proposals for optimal solutions, implementation, maintenance and system upgrades. IN2 business consultants whose competencies ensure fast and efficient communication with business customers, eliminate the further need for detailed specification by customers and, if necessary, provide solution providing services. Numerous in-house modules of the IN2 solutions have become a reference point in further adaptations and implementations of new standards in the financial industry.



The main product of the IN2 Group for the financial asset management sector is the INvest2 solution. It is a system that covers various aspects of doing business in financial institutions – from managing financial instruments (front office), risk management, valuation process, records, reporting and accounting (back office), to activities related to sales management and customer relations (sales). It consists of a series of modules, software applications that work independently or in combination with other modules.

Since 2000 until today, the system has been implemented in some 40 financial institutions in 7 countries and is used by hundreds of business users who manage tens of billions of EUR of financial assets for millions of individual investors. IN2 is proud that the users of the INvest2 system are renowned leaders in their markets, whose growth and development contribute to the quality and performance of the INvest2 system, as well as the experience and competencies of IN2 experts.

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Managing the assets of mandatory and voluntary pension funds, keeping personal accounts of members and all transactions, complying with legislation, managing the network of agents and their commissions, connecting with relevant government institutions – are tasks that require a quality IT solution that covers all tasks and helps the fund to concentrates on the most important thing – raising the value of property for its members.

The INvest2 system has been successfully localized, adapted and implemented in the countries of the CEE region – Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania, while in Kosovo it has been implemented as a central state register of members. As pension funds dominate in size, both in the number of members and in the amount of assets they manage, INvest2 has proven to be a reliable system in dealing with a large amount of data and the number of transactions. 


In addition to all the above characteristics of the system, INvest2 in the configuration for investment companies also supports the management of various types of investment funds, and the management of a large number of private portfolios. Given that investment funds use a large number of investment strategies and consequently complex financial instruments, the INvest2 system through a series of advanced analytical modules forms the basis for the process of making and implementing investment decisions. In addition, the level of methodological configurability allows the user to create unique investment products, differentiation in a saturated market. It is harmonized with the legislation of the countries in which the investment companies operate and the specific business practices of the respective markets, and some modules have been implemented in most of the leading investment fund management companies in the region. 


In the field of banking, it is used primarily as an IT solution to support deposit banks, but also as a technological solution for the treasury and private banking department. Namely, INvest2 enables complete monitoring of bank accounts, personal accounts of clients and valuation of assets for several portfolios – from private portfolios to different types of funds managed by different management companies. It also provides the possibility of bookkeeping and financial reporting in conjunction with other systems of the bank such as a common customer base, general ledger, and similar.


INvest2 is also a solution for managing and valuing investments of insurance companies (including pension insurance companies), which can be structured into various portfolios of securities, deposits and other financial instruments. One of the main features of the INvest2 system is configurability, which allows the solution to be adapted to various methodologies of valuation, crediting or (sub) legal regulations. The system monitors the value of the portfolio for the purposes of their management, their bookkeeping according to the legislation of the competent institutions and reporting, regulatory or internal. The exchange of information is enabled by various interfaces to other systems, including with its own INsurance2.

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