07. 12. 2020.

The IN2 solution is a digital support to the project named the Economic event of the year

In the category of economic event of the year, at the fifth jubilee edition of the award "Businessman and Economic event of the Year" organized by Večernji list and Poslovni dnevnik, the expert jury awarded state aid measures through which 10 billion kuna will be allocated to preserve jobs. The complex implementation of the measures, adopted by the Government, is managed by the Croatian Employment Service (CES) using a software solution produced by the IN2 company.

To process an extremely large amount of data, in order to ensure efficient and secure implementation of the measurements necessary for the functioning of a part of the private sector, it was necessary to provide a digital solution for collecting and processing requests for a complete implementation of measures. The development of such a solution was accepted by the IN2 expert team on behalf of the CES immediately after defining the first measures in April, and to this day, with constant upgrades and new measures, it is still ongoing. The solution is the result of cooperation between representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Pensions, Family and Social Policy, the IT department, and the management of the CES and company Kadei, while the key developer for software solution is IN2. 

System functionalities include processing and verification of downloaded data, complete back-office process including integration, e-office and process implementation using a complex APZ module for case management of active employment policy measures that combines the functionalities of all records processes, case-management, document management, budgeting ( reservation of funds and records of expenditures). Most importantly, the user is provided with a smooth workflow for the implementation of the measure from the initial request, approval, conclusion of the contract, all the way to the preparation of payment orders with a transparent end-to-end full digitally supported implementation process. 

"State aid measures for job preservation are one of the first and more concrete measures aimed at entrepreneurs in the private sector and their employees, and after defining the measures in April, we accepted the complex task of implementing", said Ante Lončar, director of the Croatian Employment Service. "In the given circumstances, we reacted quickly and efficiently, and I am proud of the successful cooperation of all involved stakeholders, without which this would not have been possible. I thank the IN2 expert team for the digital solution and support, which has greatly helped us and enabled the CES to easily and quickly ensure the implementation of measures for more than 150 thousand employers and over 650 thousand employees", added the director.


"I congratulate to the CES on the well-deserved recognition for their efforts in the implementation of the Government's measures for the preservation of jobs due to the pandemic. IN2 played a significant role in this, as we enabled the digitization of the process with our software solutions and provided the client with everything necessary for the most efficient implementation of measures. I am grateful and proud of my team without which this would not be possible and very pleased with the cooperation with all institutions and associates, at all levels. Although the task was demanding in itself, with additional challenges of remote work, well-coordinated teamwork gave results and showed that we are a reliable partner when it comes to extremely demanding technological solutions ", Tomislav Ocvirek, Head of Business, Public Sector IN2.


This solution is just one of many delivered this year to the clients from the public administration, health, finance and economy by IN2 for the needs of digitalization of their systems, thus continuing our strategic goal of improving business processes in both the public and private sectors with the latest technology solutions and knowledge of domestic IT experts. 

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