13. 12. 2019.

IN2Water solution awarded for contribution to sustainability

IN2Water solution for control of losses in water supply systems was awarded for its contribution to sustainable production and consumption. The award Žuti okvir (Yellow Frame) was presented by National Geographic and Adria Media Zagreb.

IN2 Group is among individuals, teams, companies and institutions recognized as contributors to sustainability in Croatia. Selected by National Geographic and Adria Media Zagreb, its IN2Water solution carried one of the awards focused on contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

IN2Water solution was recognized for contribution to SDG 12 (sustainable production and consumption). Average losses of (uncharged) water in public water supply systems in Croatia amount to nearly 50 percent; in money, this is a loss of over two billion kunas annually. Increase environmental concerns and citizens’ awareness of unsustainability of such situation sees growth of initiatives to decrease these losses. This solution is one of such initiatives to control losses in water supply.

Integration of sensor data from several systems, spatial data and water consumption data is necessary to successfully monitor water supply system operations. Internet cloud and IoT technologies are used to this intent. This enables monitoring losses in the water supply system in real time and recognizing critical areas, which contributes to rational use of resources, and consequently lower service cost for citizens.

“We are very happy to receive this award, because we actively work on IT solutions that enable improvement of many services and help achieve sustainable cities and communities. This award will be a great encouragement to our teams to continue to develop digital technologies aimed at improving financial, social and ecological aspects of communities’ lives”, said Sanja Svilokos, IN2 Executive Director of Economy Sector.

Goal of the Smart City concept is to provide a timely response to these challenges and offer sustainable, healthy and safe living space. It utilizes digital technologies to improve a series of aspects of the quality of life in cities. IN2 Group develops and implements these solutions.

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