15. 11. 2021.

IN2 Group at a conference on the application of technology in the treatment of oncological diseases

Siniša Košćina, Business Development Director of the Healthcare and Public Administration Sector of the IN2 Group, participated in mid-November in the leading conference on digital medicine in Central Europe, FUTURE IS NOW, presenting specific oncology IT solutions in HIS in support of national oncology projects.

The conference, organized for the third time under the name Data4Oncology, dealt with this important public health problem, but also the impact of the pandemic on oncology patients, the importance of using healthcare data in oncology and other aspects of digital technology and the current situation related to oncology.

"Through the informatization of hospitals, the IN2 Group is an active participant in the digitalization of healthcare in the Republic of Croatia and is ready to welcome announced projects in the field of oncology: the central national oncology database and the national oncology network. Within these projects, we will upgrade our hospital information system (IBIS) with the possibility of collecting and using oncology data integrated at the level of the entire hospital healthcare system, but also ensure interoperability with national systems and new medical devices at oncology clinics of hospital health institutions,” said Siniša on the occasion.

In accordance with epidemiological measures, the event was held in a hybrid form, and incited interest among the participants, medical experts in this field, who followed it on site and online.


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