05. 10. 2020.

IN2 for company Narodne novine: Software for a more efficient everyday business

NNI is a specific solution created for the company Narodne novine that provides new functionalities and benefits crucial for automation and simplification of the process. The new application is integrated with the OPUS ERP system developed by IN2, which has been used by Narodne novine for many years.

IN2*NNI application combines business processes of sales and distribution of newspapers and advertisements. The Billing solution supports the sale of advertising services for contracting authorities and commercial eOJN search services for bidders, while the distribution of newspapers supports the sale and distribution of the printed edition of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia and international agreements. The ads, in turn, support billing and tracking for citizen and other classified ads. 

The new application uses all master data from the OPUS ERP system, which simplifies the work of employees who have previously used two separate applications, all invoices are issued through OPUS*FUS (service invoicing) and sending eInvoices is supported. The newspaper distribution solution now also allows sending quantity orders into production, which used to be done manually. 

NNI application was developed on the new Oracle Application Express (Apex) technology platform, and all integrations were performed using a web service. An additional technological interest is the ability to enter data using the wizard. Because defining a contract has three steps (header, annex, and contract clauses), using the wizard allows data entry. 

The project itself lasted a year and was divided into three phases, according to business processes. Given that some of the phases were realized during the corona crisis and in remote work, we are proud that all deliveries were made on time. This was done thanks to the members of the IN2 team and the team of Narodne novine, who performed an extraordinary joint work in the conditions of the "new normal".

"A very successful collaboration with IN2 has resulted in an application that is integrated with existing systems in Narodne novine. NNI meets all our needs. It has accelerated our business processes and made it easier to complete work tasks. 

We are proud that the company we work in keeps pace with the digital requirements of modern business and we hope to continue the successful cooperation with IN2."                                    

Nataša Mlinarić

NNI project manager, Narodne novine

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