07. 12. 2021.

Implementation of IN2 IBIS in the Clinical Hospital Centre Split successfully completed

With the official handover of the implementation phase between KBC Split and IN2, implementation of the integrated hospital information system (IBIS) in this clinical hospital centre was successfully completed.

Giving their trust to IN2, the management of the Clinical Hospital Centre Split decided to implement the information system used by as many as 46 domestic health care institutions, including all clinical hospital centres in Croatia. Work on the project began on December 1, 2020, and in a very short time, as early as March 2021, the system came into daily use. After that, further configuration of the system with the user's business processes and the implementation of additional specialist modules continued. Just a year later, this whole complex system was finalized with the delivery of additional modules and final settings.

"This was a complex and challenging project. At the time of production, about fifty of our people and about thirty external collaborators were on the field at the same time. Our satisfaction with the successfully completed work is all the greater because our solution, the IN2 integrated hospital information system, is the one that the vast majority of health care institutions in Croatia have recognized as the highest quality”, said Andrea Rađenović Petrinović, BIS project manager.

“We are extremely grateful to our teams who worked on the implementation of the hospital, laboratory and business information system, development engineers, system and sales support, employees of KBC Split, as well as all those who in any way contributed to another success story from healthcare”, concluded Ivan Džolan, IBIS project manager.

More about the solution: IBIS

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