02. 11. 2020.

HIS days 2020

HIS Days 2020, the jubilee, tenth conference for IN2 Hospital Information System (HIS) users this year was held online. Over 100 HIS coordinators from 45 Croatian hospitals participated in the conference.

At this virtual conference, users had the opportunity to see the new features of the HIS system and development plans. HIS functionalities that help medical staff detect and prevent the spread of Covid-19 disease were, as expected, one of the more important topics. Quick contactless identification and admission of the patients via mobile application, together with verification of the imposed self-isolation measures and control of hospital entry were point out as the major priorities.

HIS days are an important part of caring for HIS system users. It is an opportunity to present new functionalities and modules that can help them in their daily work, involve users in plans for future system development, but also open topics that serve to detect areas where users need the most support.

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