09. 04. 2022.

Bona Dea International Hospital received the prestigious JCI certificate from the world's leading accreditation agency for quality in medicine

Since the opening of this most innovative hospital in Azerbaijan in 2018, Bona Dea International Hospital's mission is to provide the highest standards of health services with the implementation of innovations at all levels, and in pursuit of this goal it relies on strong European partners, including the IN2 Group.

In April this year, Bona Dea International Hospital received the JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation certificate awarded by JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations), the world's leading accreditation agency for quality standards in the field of medicine. Bona Dea has met 100% of the assessed quality standards and confirmed excellence in work processes and patient care and safety.

This prestigious certificate and recognition apply to the entire hospital and its processes that have met all the rigorous quality requirements, and the IT system plays a significant role in these processes.

We are proud that we have made a significant contribution to the quality of work of this hospital and the modernization of health care in Azerbaijan with a large project of implementation of the hospital information system and IN2 laboratory information system.

"Our IHIS team has been supporting Bona Dea International Hospital since its inception and we are especially proud to have participated in building a high-quality patient service and making it easier for end users to work in complex and specific environments such as the new generation hospital. In addition to the standard implementation of the complete HIS (Green Cube) and IN2 BioNet LIS over the past years, we have developed several solutions adapted to the international environment, as well as integration with external systems. With such an approach, greater efficiency of all business and medical processes has been achieved. The successful result of our work can also be seen in the maximum final grade given by the accreditation commission to the hospital, and we at IN2 will strive to justify the trust gained and maintain a high level of business cooperation in the years to come."

Nikola Ostojić, Implementation Project Manager, HIS Consultant in IN2 Group

IN2 Group has supported the project of construction and commissioning of this innovative hospital since the very beginning of the project. The definition and setting of hospital processes through consulting services of IN2 experts began while construction work was still ongoing. The hospital information system was implemented with all necessary medical and financial modules (29 modules), integrations with internal and external systems (6) as well as integration of IN2 BioNet LIS (4 modules) were performed. The project also includes regular support and maintenance of this complex system 24/7.

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