Ten years ago, IN2 Group separated its department for security and protection of information systems into a subsidiary company, INsig2, which makes possible for clients to integrate two previously incompatible areas – logical and technical protection.

Technical protection is based upon full functional integration of the system enabling central management of all the aspects of the organisation's security, both in physically close locations and remotely. INsig2 bases its security solutions on the globally leading software system OnGuard integrated with the user's existing software and hardware, even if we are talking about disparate devices.

Together with the technical and logical protection, INsig2 implements security systems based on smart cards and public key infrastructure which guarantees the user's identity and is used to for coding and digital signature of data. Along with the implementation of basic systems, the INsig2's experts have developed applications complementing digital certificates. The modules are adapted for doing business in Croatia and can record working time by using cards to register times of arrival and departure, review data through a web application by registering with a card as well as monitor employees.

INsig2 also has a solution for the management of security incidents (situation management), identity protection solution, and deals with computer forensics, too – the company is the certified forensic training centre for the region.

More about integrated security here.

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